Auditioning for Janet Jackson

If you haven't heard, although I'm sure you have, Janet Jackson had her first open audition in 10 years. Thousands of dancers showed up. There were online auditions, open cattle call auditions, and agency auditions. I went to all 3!!! The in-person audition was INCREDIBLE.

The line wrapped around the building. The first thing you had to do was to sign a waiver saying that you agree to be filmed for no compensation. Everyone gladly signed the dotted line. People were getting sun burnt waiting in line. They were taking 100 dancers at a time, teaching all 100 the combo and then breaking into groups of 5 or 6 to perform. Everything was filmed.

The agency audition was my favorite. Just being able to dance next to those dancers was an honor. Some of the best dancers in the world were there. The Janet dancers took turns teaching different numbers and they really took their time combing through the talent. Plus, having the opportunity to learn from Janet's dancers was amazing. They taught a sick combo to "Son of a Gun"

They quickly taught the dance, broke us into 2 large groups to practice twice. Then, it was time to "wait for your number". It was awesome. I had a great experience even though I was cut. I still felt like I won. I definitely left feeling inspired. That's what all the other dancers said too. "I was so inspired" kept ringing through the IG messages from fellow dancers.

When you're able to see what the human body is capable of and what other people are doing to get there, you are able to tap into a power you didn't know you had. It's almost as if their hard work shows you that you can have that too. They are showing you what you can do. I am so ready to train and go to the next big audition. This is going to be amazing.

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