Building Confidence

Confidence, like all aspects of human life, is a muscle that must be worked consistently. We can work on our confidence when we walk into a room by holding our head high, when we are performing on a stage or in a dance class, when we are speaking to people we look up to, etc. Make sure to do something to build your confidence everyday. Facing fears is a sure fire way to keep piling on the swag! Use it or lose it is definitely the case within this trait. Being nice to yourself and progressing in any way will bring on the most confident you. To make it easy for visitors to search your blog according to topic, add 'Tags' to your posts in the Blog Manager. You can showcase the very best pos

F*%$ Your Comfort Zone

Doing things daily that make you a bit uncomfortable are the best ways to gain confidence and develop your swag muscles. By taking risks you are making breakthroughs and growing as an individualWith out taking risks, you will rob yourself of the awesome person you will become if you do take the risks, go against the grain, follow your heart, and always dance how you want to. b-RyaN at the Whisky a GoGo

Follow Your Dreams in High Heels

Know what you want and pursue it with passion. Many people say,"I don't know" when they are asked what they want in life. Do you know what you want? Take a moment today to truly ponder on what would make you happier right now, your career? love life? dance skills?The only way to be truly successful is to love what you do, so take the challenge and figure it out. Only then you can get a clear vision of where to take the first step to your success and happiness. Today I believe my life would be better if I challenged myself to become a better dancer. So that's my personal challenge for the day, what's yours?

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