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About Us

DANCING in Heels.

& inspiring the world. 

DANCE How I Want To was created in 2015 by Bryan Leigh Smith.  It has since become bi-coastal servicing both Los Angeles, CA and Savannah, GA.

Bryan's love for dance has taken her all over the world and fulfilled her life in so many ways.  She loves to share her love for dance with everyone who will dance with her!!!! From teaching, choreographing, and performing Bryan Loves it all.  She says, "Every time I dance I get so high that im lifted to a better life experience for hours afterward.  I'm addicted to dance and I wish the same daily natural high for all of human kind. I believe dance raises your vibrations and allows energy to move through you quicker than if you lived a sedentary or boring workout life.  I have watched dance transform people.  It has transformed me multiple times, it has transformed my students into confident proud people, dance is magical.  If you're not dancing, start NOW!!!!! " 

We offer all of the following services

  • Bachelorette and Birthday DANCE Parties​​

  • Heels & Hiphop choreography for performance

  • Flash Mob Training and Choreography

  • Online classes and meditations

For more information send us a message here

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