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Are you ready to transform into the most confident version of yourself? 

It's Time to Dance How You Want To! 

DANCE How I Want To is located in Los Angeles, CA and Savannah, GA.  We offer dance classes, dance camps, dance parties, bachelorette parties, merchandise, performers and we are also a music publishing company. 
The mission is to inspire all followers to be uniquely who they are and Dance How They Want To: not only DANCE, but to dress, act, perform, write, sing, or just BE however they are.  
There is always a freestyle section of the class used to allow self-expression and freedom.   
Sometimes it is challenging to truly be yourself and freely be your truth due to fear of judgment or rejection.  Dance How I Want To is a platform to allow freedom and a safe space to just be you.  Dance classes are available and are designed to increase confidence, self-expression, self-love and body image.
Birthday Parties (KIDS & Adults) & Bachelorette Parties are always welcome.  
Please contact us at DANCEHOWIWANTTO@GMAIL.COM to schedule your party today!  

Photo by Savannah Murray

in Savannah GA

Creator: b-RyaN

Performer, Dancer, Choreographer,

Teacher, Free Spirit, Mentor, Original Individual

     Miss Bryan Leigh Smith, AKA b-RyaN, grew up in Savannah, GA.  There she began studying Tap, Jazz, and Ballet at the age of 2.  She was an Allstar and school cheerleader.  She also coached multiple Allstar cheer teams at Cheer Savannah, winning more than 10 national titles while earning her BBA degree at Georgia Southern University.  


    Immediately after graduation b-RyaN saved all she could an moved out to Hollywood, CA to chase her dreams.  There she took as many professional dance classes as she could and immersed herself in the dance scene.  Hip Hop and Ghetto Stiletto were her favorite classes.  b-RyaN was in LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" music video and also Rihanna's "Diamond" .  She has had the privilege of making her own music videos and also recording her own music.  b-RyaN has choreographed for artists such as Curtis J and Belle Rousse.  She has choreographed live shows and music videos, and entire tours for these artists.  

Her message to the world is "Dance How You Want To" hoping to inspire everyone she comes in contact with to be themselves and shine bright like a diamond.  She spreads this message through teaching dance and her VLOG "DANCE How I Want To Real Talk."

Miss b-RyaN is currently training in Los Angeles, CA with Aliya Janelle, Dexter B. Carr, Kennis Marquis, Nicole Kirkland and more.  Follow her journey @missb_ryan on instagram.  She shares her hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities to inspire the world to just Dance How They Want To. 



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