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If you're here you're probably a free spirit, dance enthusiast, or curious about living a confidently sexy life.  Welcome to the place where you can let loose, discover the best version of you, and of course, DANCE How You Want To.

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Online Dance & Manifesting Course

High Thoughts & High Heels

Transform your mind and body to feel more confident in your skin!  Learn how to love yourself, support yourself, believe in yourself and be yourself. Recommended for Adults ages 16 and up. 

If you're ready to get out of your current circumstances and change your life, this is the class for you.  Let's DANCE how we want to.  

Hi! I'm Bryan Leigh Smith, you may know me as b-RyaN. 

I'm a life long dancer, recording artist, dance teacher, positive thinking enthusiast, podcast host and ultimate cappuccino connoisseur. 

I have transformed my life into the vision of my imagination through dance and positive thinking techniques multiple times.  I am here to share my experience and my methods on how to get what you ask for. Yes, the universe does have your back and you can get anywhere dancing through life.  

You know those synchronistic moments in life when you get exactly what you thought about?  Well, I've become pretty good at it.  I've healed myself of eating disorders and negative thinking habits, traveled the world a few times, quadrupled my income and found the partner of my dreams by using my imagination and dance. 


For real, these things have happened to me and in my new course High Thoughts & High Heels I share my method of madness.  You can also pick up some of this info on my podcast Dance How I Want To Real Talk streaming on Youtube and all podcast streaming services. 

Have a cappuccino with me boo. 

It's time to DANCE How We Want To.

"No matter where you are in life or what the world may throw at you, may you always Dance How You Want to."

- b-RyaN 


Miss Bryan Leigh Smith

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Online Community

When you join any of the DANCE How I Want To courses, you will have access to our exclusive online community.  Make friends, share stories and get support. 


Flexible Curriculum

Once you purchase the course it is yours.  Take your time, complete it at your leisure.  You can Learn How You Want To.